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Latest referendum polls

latest referendum polls

How would you vote in a Scottish independence referendum if held now? (asked after referendum). Including results from 32 polls from Jun to Jun. Find all the latest news and expert analysis of the EU referendum in the UK. Breaking stories, opinion poll results and comment on the vote. Senior BBC political analyst Peter Barnes examines the latest poll trends. Polls displayed are the latest added, and the date displayed is last day of fieldwork. latest referendum polls

Latest referendum polls - KOSTENLOS

Dutch newspaper AD urged Britons to vote for Remain, saying the European Union without the UK would be like 'tea without milk'. Business Home Market Data Markets Global Trade Companies Entrepreneurship Technology of Business Business of Sport Global Education Economy. Such regret, when projected on to the EU referendum vote, would have cut the Leave share by 1. A number of global investment giants have threatened to move their European operations out of London if Brexit proves to have a negative impact on their businesses. The latest BMG survey, commissioned by The Herald, showed that the gap between those who want to stay and go is as little as four per cent. Only a third of Britons say Mr Cameron would be the best person to negotiate Britain's withdrawal from the EU as Prime Minister in the event of Brexit, though this is higher than anyone. Four polls were published yesterday evening: Then reload the page. We're always told not to pay too much attention to individual polls but clearly some traders think novoline bingo kostenlos spielen been a decisive shift. Speaking this evening, the Leave champion said:


Latest EU referendum polls for June 1


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